checkPermutation {checkmate}R Documentation

Check if the arguments are permutations of each other.


In contrast to checkSetEqual, the function tests for a true permutation of the two vectors and also considers duplicated values. Missing values are being treated as actual values by default. Does not work on raw values.


checkPermutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE)

check_permutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE)

assertPermutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE, = vname(x), add = NULL)

assert_permutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE, = vname(x), add = NULL)

testPermutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE)

test_permutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE)

expect_permutation(x, y, na.ok = TRUE, info = NULL, label = vname(x))



Object to check.


Vector to compare with. Atomic vector of type other than raw.


Are missing values allowed? Default is TRUE.

Name of the checked object to print in assertions. Defaults to the heuristic implemented in vname.


Collection to store assertion messages. See AssertCollection.


Extra information to be included in the message for the testthat reporter. See expect_that.


Name of the checked object to print in messages. Defaults to the heuristic implemented in vname.


Depending on the function prefix: If the check is successful, the functions assertPermutation/assert_permutation return x invisibly, whereas checkPermutation/check_permutation and testPermutation/test_permutation return TRUE. If the check is not successful, assertPermutation/assert_permutation throws an error message, testPermutation/test_permutation returns FALSE, and checkPermutation/check_permutation return a string with the error message. The function expect_permutation always returns an expectation.


The object x must be of the same type as the set w.r.t. typeof. Integers and doubles are both treated as numeric.

See Also

Other set: checkChoice(), checkDisjunct(), checkSetEqual(), checkSubset()


testPermutation(letters[1:2], letters[2:1])
testPermutation(letters[c(1, 1, 2)], letters[1:2])
testPermutation(c(NA, 1, 2), c(1, 2, NA))
testPermutation(c(NA, 1, 2), c(1, 2, NA), na.ok = FALSE)

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