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Check if an argument is named


Check if an argument is named


checkNamed(x, type = "named")

check_named(x, type = "named")

assertNamed(x, type = "named", = vname(x), add = NULL)

assert_named(x, type = "named", = vname(x), add = NULL)

testNamed(x, type = "named")

test_named(x, type = "named")



Object to check.


Select the check(s) to perform. “unnamed” checks x to be unnamed. “named” (default) checks x to be named which excludes names to be NA or empty (""). “unique” additionally tests for non-duplicated names. “strict” checks for unique names which comply to R's variable name restrictions. Note that for zero-length x every name check evaluates to TRUE.

Name of the checked object to print in assertions. Defaults to the heuristic implemented in vname.


Collection to store assertion messages. See AssertCollection.


Depending on the function prefix: If the check is successful, the functions assertNamed/assert_named return x invisibly, whereas checkNamed/check_named and testNamed/test_named return TRUE. If the check is not successful, assertNamed/assert_named throws an error message, testNamed/test_named returns FALSE, and checkNamed/check_named return a string with the error message. The function expect_named always returns an expectation.


These function are deprecated and will be removed in a future version. Please use checkNames instead.

See Also

Other attributes: checkClass(), checkMultiClass(), checkNames()


x = 1:3
testNamed(x, "unnamed")
names(x) = letters[1:3]
testNamed(x, "unique")

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