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Check file system access rights


Check file system access rights


checkAccess(x, access = "")

check_access(x, access = "")

assertAccess(x, access = "", = vname(x), add = NULL)

assert_access(x, access = "", = vname(x), add = NULL)

testAccess(x, access = "")

test_access(x, access = "")

expect_access(x, access = "", info = NULL, label = vname(x))



Object to check.


Single string containing possible characters ‘r’, ‘w’ and ‘x’ to force a check for read, write or execute access rights, respectively. Write and executable rights are not checked on Windows.

Name of the checked object to print in assertions. Defaults to the heuristic implemented in vname.


Collection to store assertion messages. See AssertCollection.


Extra information to be included in the message for the testthat reporter. See expect_that.


Name of the checked object to print in messages. Defaults to the heuristic implemented in vname.


Depending on the function prefix: If the check is successful, the functions assertAccess/assert_access return x invisibly, whereas checkAccess/check_access and testAccess/test_access return TRUE. If the check is not successful, assertAccess/assert_access throws an error message, testAccess/test_access returns FALSE, and checkAccess/check_access return a string with the error message. The function expect_access always returns an expectation.

See Also

Other filesystem: checkDirectoryExists(), checkFileExists(), checkPathForOutput()


# Is R's home directory readable?
testAccess(R.home(), "r")

# Is R's home directory writeable?
testAccess(R.home(), "w")

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