Computational Graphs

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Documentation for package ‘cgraph’ version 6.0.1

Help Pages

cg_abs Absolute Value
cg_acos Inverse Cosine
cg_acosh Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine
cg_add Add
cg_asin Inverse Sine
cg_asinh Inverse Hyperbolic Sine
cg_as_double Coerce to a Numerical Vector
cg_as_numeric Coerce to a Numerical Vector
cg_atan Inverse Tangent
cg_atanh Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent
cg_colmeans Column Means
cg_colsums Column Sums
cg_constant Add Constant
cg_cos Cosine
cg_cosh Hyperbolic Cosine
cg_crossprod Matrix Crossproduct
cg_dim Dimensions of an Array
cg_div Divide
cg_exp Exponential Function
cg_function Create function
cg_graph Computational Graph
cg_graph_backward Backward Pass
cg_graph_forward Forward Pass
cg_graph_get Retrieve Node
cg_input Add Input
cg_length Length of an Object
cg_linear Linear Transformation
cg_ln Natural Logarithm
cg_log10 Logarithm Base 10
cg_log2 Logarithm Base 2
cg_matmul Matrix Multiplication
cg_max Maxima
cg_mean Arithmetic Mean
cg_min Minima
cg_mul Multiply
cg_ncol Number of Columns of an Array
cg_neg Negative
cg_nrow Number of Rows of an Array
cg_operator Add Operator
cg_parameter Add Parameter
cg_pmax Parallel Maxima
cg_pmin Parallel Minima
cg_pos Positive
cg_pow Power
cg_prod Product of Vector Elements
cg_rowmeans Row Means
cg_rowsums Row Sums
cg_session_graph Get Active Graph
cg_session_set_graph Change Active Graph
cg_sigmoid Sigmoid
cg_sin Sine
cg_sinh Hyperbolic Sine
cg_sqrt Square Root
cg_square Square
cg_sub Subtract
cg_subset1 Subset
cg_subset2 Subset
cg_sum Sum of Vector Elements
cg_t Matrix Transpose
cg_tan Tangent
cg_tanh Hyperbolic Tangent
cg_tcrossprod Transpose Matrix Crossproduct