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Documentation for package ‘cfbfastR’ version 1.9.0

Help Pages

cfbd_betting_lines *CFBD Betting Lines Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_calendar *Get calendar of weeks by season.*
cfbd_coaches *CFBD Coaches Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_conferences *CFBD Conferences Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_conf_types_df *Data in the package for reference*
cfbd_draft *CFBD NFL Draft Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_draft_picks *Get list of NFL draft picks*
cfbd_draft_positions *Get list of NFL positions*
cfbd_draft_teams *Get list of NFL teams*
cfbd_drives *CFBD Drives Endpoint*
cfbd_games *CFBD Games Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_game_box_advanced *Get game advanced box score information.*
cfbd_game_info *Get results information from games.*
cfbd_game_media *Get game media information (TV, radio, etc).*
cfbd_game_player_stats *Get player statistics by game*
cfbd_game_records *Get team records by year*
cfbd_game_team_stats *Get team statistics by game*
cfbd_game_weather *Get weather from games.*
cfbd_key *CFBD API Key Registration*
cfbd_metrics *CFBD Metrics Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_metrics_ppa_games *Get team game averages for predicted points added (PPA)*
cfbd_metrics_ppa_players_games *Get player game averages for predicted points added (PPA)*
cfbd_metrics_ppa_players_season *Get player season averages for predicted points added (PPA)*
cfbd_metrics_ppa_predicted *Calculate predicted points using down and distance*
cfbd_metrics_ppa_teams *Get team averages for predicted points added (PPA)*
cfbd_metrics_wp *Get win probability chart data from API*
cfbd_metrics_wp_pregame *Get pre-game win probability data from API*
cfbd_pbp_data *Get college football play by play data with cfbfastR expected points/win probability added*
cfbd_play *CFBD Plays Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_player *CFBD Players Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_players *CFBD Players Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_player_info *Player information lookup*
cfbd_player_returning *Get player returning production*
cfbd_player_usage *Get player usage metrics*
cfbd_plays *Get college football play-by-play data.*
cfbd_play_stats_player *Gets player info associated by play*
cfbd_play_stats_types *Get college football mapping for play stats types*
cfbd_play_types *Get college football mapping for play types*
cfbd_play_type_df *Data in the package for reference*
cfbd_rankings *Get historical Coaches and AP poll data*
cfbd_ratings *CFBD Ratings and Rankings Endpoints Overview*
cfbd_ratings_elo *Get Elo historical rating data*
cfbd_ratings_sp *Get SP historical rating data*
cfbd_ratings_sp_conference *Get conference level SP historical rating data*
cfbd_ratings_srs *Get SRS historical rating data*
cfbd_recruiting *CFB Recruiting Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_recruiting_player *Get player recruiting rankings*
cfbd_recruiting_position *Get college football position group recruiting information.*
cfbd_recruiting_team *Get college football recruiting team rankings information.*
cfbd_recruiting_transfer_portal *Get Transfer Portal Data*
cfbd_stats *CFBD Stats Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_stats_categories *Get stats categories*
cfbd_stats_game_advanced *Get game advanced stats*
cfbd_stats_season_advanced *Get season advanced statistics by team*
cfbd_stats_season_player *Get season statistics by player*
cfbd_stats_season_team *Get season statistics by team*
cfbd_teams *CFBD Teams Endpoint Overview*
cfbd_team_info *Team info lookup*
cfbd_team_matchup *Get matchup history between two teams.*
cfbd_team_matchup_records *Get matchup history records between two teams.*
cfbd_team_roster *Get team rosters*
cfbd_team_talent *Get composite team talent rankings for all teams in a given year*
cfbd_venues *CFBD Venues Endpoint Overview*
csv_from_url *Load .csv / .csv.gz file from a remote connection*
data *Data in the package for reference*
draft *CFBD NFL Draft Endpoint Overview*
espn_cfb_calendar ESPN Calendar
espn_cfb_pbp Get ESPN college football PBP data
espn_cfb_schedule *ESPN Scoreboard*
espn_cfb_scoreboard *ESPN Scoreboard*
espn_cfb_team_stats *Get ESPN college football team stats data*
espn_metrics *ESPN Metrics*
espn_metrics_wp *ESPN Metrics*
espn_ratings_fpi *ESPN FPI Ratings*
has_cfbd_key *CFBD API Key Registration*
load_cfb_pbp *Load cleaned play-by-play from the data repo*
load_cfb_rosters Load College Football Rosters
load_cfb_schedules Load CFB Game/Schedule Data from data repo
load_cfb_teams Load CFB team info from the data repo
nfl *CFBD NFL Draft Endpoint Overview*
nfl_draft *CFBD NFL Draft Endpoint Overview*
nfl_teams *CFBD NFL Draft Endpoint Overview*
rds_from_url *Load .rds file from a remote connection*
recruiting *CFB Recruiting Endpoint Overview*
register_cfbd *CFBD API Key Registration*
update_cfb_db *Update or create a cfbfastR play-by-play database*