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Tools to access the Censys API


Censys is a search engine that allows computer scientists to ask questions about the devices and networks that compose the Internet. Driven by I nternet-wide scanning, Censys lets researchers find specific hosts and create aggregate reports on how devices, websites, and certificates are configured and deployed.


The Censys API provides programmatic access to the same data accessible through web interface (https://censys.io/).

You must have both CENSYS_API_ID and CENSYS_API_SECRET present in the R environment for the functions in this package to work. It is highly suggested that you place those in ~/.Renviron at least for interactive work.

Censys tutorial: https://censys.io/tutorial


Bob Rudis (brudis@rapid7.com)


https://censys.io/about; https://censys.io/static/censys.pdf

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