cdcat.summary {cdcatR}R Documentation

Summary information for a cdcat object


This function provides classification accuracy, item exposure, and CAT length results for cdcat object. If a list of cdcat objects is included, these objects are compared through different tables and plots.


cdcat.summary(cdcat.obj, alpha, label = NULL)



An object or list of objects of class cdcat


Numeric matrix of dimensions N x K with the reference attribute patterns used to compute attribute classification accuracy. It is expected that it will contain the true, generating alpha pattern or those estimated with the entire item bank. It is a guideline to evaluate the cdcat results


Character vector that contains the labels for the cdcat object(s). If NULL (by default), the models are used as labels


cdcat.summary returns an object of class cdcat.summary.


A list that contains the attribute classification accuracy results calculated at the pattern- (PCV) and attribute-levels (PCA). Two plots monitoring these variables are provided when FIXED.LENGTH = TRUE


A list that contains the item exposure rates results: descriptive statistics (stats) and a plot representing the item exposure rates (plot). Note that when FIXED.LENGTH = FALSE the overlap rate is calculated based on the average CAT length


If the object or list of objects of class cdcat are fixed-precision applications (i.e., FIXED.LENGTH = FALSE), this additional list is included. It contains descriptive statistics (stats) and a plot (plot) describing the CAT length

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