getCaseAttribute {ccmReportR}R Documentation

Get attributes related to a case


getCaseAttribute() specifies the object used to get related information about a case. This function wraps getAttribute() to allow iteration over multiple cases. See getAttribute().


getCaseAttribute(attribute, case)



Character scalar. Names the CCM object to obtain related information about a case. One of the currently supported objects:

  1. exposures: Exposures

  2. interventions: Interventions

  3. labResults: Lab Results

  4. outbreaks: Outbreaks

  5. riskFactor: Risk Factors

  6. symptoms: Symptoms


Character scalar or vector. Names the CCM Case Id to use when obtaining information.


a tibble of information related to a case.

See Also

getAttribute() for information on how the CCM query is executed. getCases() for obtaining Case Id's required for this function.

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