Contextual Bayesian Anomaly Detection in R

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Documentation for package ‘cbar’ version 0.1.3

Help Pages

cbar-package 'cbar' package
bsts_model Create bsts model
bsts_spec_static Specify bsts model for static linear regression
cbar 'cbar' package
destandardized Destandardize a vector
inference Infer from predictive posetrior prediction of bsts model
plot_error Print estimation error plot
plot_error_ Print estimation error plot
plot_incprob Print inclusion probablity plot
plot_incprob_ Print inclusion probablity plot
plot_ts Print time-series plot
plot_ts_ Print time-series plot
point_prediction Get point prediction from posterior means and response trajectories
posterior_mean Generate posterior mean of the response variable
print.cbar Print cbar object
response_trajectory Generate trajectories of the response variable
standardized Standardize a vector
summarise_anomaly Summarise anomaly detection result
summarise_incprob Summarise inclusion probability of model
summarise_pred_error Summarise prediction error of model
summarise_session Summarise anomaly in session