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Categorical Data Analysis Program Package


R functions for categorical data analysis


This package provides functions for analyzing multivariate data. Dependencies of the distribution of specified variable (response variable) to other variables (explanatory variables) are derived and evaluated by AIC (Akaike Information Criterion).

Functions catdap1 and catdap1c are for the analysis of categorical data. Every variable is specified as the response variable in turn and the goodness of other variables as the explanatory variables to the specified variable is evaluated by AIC.

Function catdap2 can be applied to data where categorical variable and numerical variable are mixed. Specifying one variable as the response variable, the dependencies of its distribution on sets of other variables are investigated. If the response variable is categorical, contingency table analysis method is employed. If the response variable is numerical, categorizing the response variable by pooling, the problem is reduced to the categorical response variable case. This method eventually finds the dependency of the histogram of numerical response variable on sets of explanatory variables.

The Fortran source program codes for above functions were published in Sakamoto, Ishiguro and Kitagawa (1983), and Frontiers of Times Series Modeling 3 : Modeling Seasonality & Periodicity ; ISM (2002), respectively.


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