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Default catchr-specific options


catchr's options for planning condition handling are passed into catchr functions with catchr_opts(), but when an option isn't specified in the call, catchr_opts() uses whatever the default for that option is. You can get and set these global defaults with catchr_default_opts() and do a "factory reset" on them to restore the original package values with restore_catchr_defaults().






Default options to get or set. See the Arguments section for details.


For catchr_default_opts(), unnamed arguments (unquoted terms / strings of the option names) will have their current default values returned, similar to getOption(). Named arguments (whose names are option names) will have their default values set to whatever their value is. If no arguments are specified, it will return all the current default values.

restore_catchr_defaults() only accepts unnamed arguments (unquoted terms / strings of the option names). The options specified will have their default values set to the original default package values. Leaving the arguments empty will result in all the option defaults being reset to their original values.

See Also

catchr_opts() for what the options mean; get_default_plan() and set_default_plan(), which are equivalent to catchr_default_opts(default_plan) and catchr_default_opts(default_plan = ...), respectively.

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