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Collect conditions, without halting processes


One of the most useful aspects of catchr is its ability to catch and 'collect' the conditions (e.g., warnings, errors, messages, etc.) raised by an expression without halting/redoing the evaluation of that expression. This can be particularly useful in a number of scenarios:

Using the collect term lets you do this. When the plan for a condition uses collect, the captured condition will be added to a list of other conditions of that same type. When the expression is done being evaluated, catchr will return a named list, where $value is the output of the expression, and the other named elements are sublists with all their collected conditions. The exact behavior of this process is determined by options in catchr_opts().

See Also

dispense_collected() to raise the collected conditions and return the bare result


one_of_each <- function(with_error) {
  rlang::inform("This is a message")
  rlang::warn("This is a warning")
  if (with_error)
    stop("This is an error", call.=FALSE)
  "return value!"

collecting_plans <- make_plans(message, warning, error,
                               .opts = catchr_opts(default_plan = c(collect, muffle),
                                                   drop_empty_conds = FALSE))

# When the evaluation completes, the "value" element is the value the expression returns
no_error <- catch_expr(one_of_each(FALSE), collecting_plans)

# If it doesn't return, the value is generally NULL
with_error <- catch_expr(one_of_each(TRUE), collecting_plans)

# If the option `drop_empty_conds` == TRUE, then
#   sublists without collected condition will be dropped
catch_expr(one_of_each(FALSE), collecting_plans,
           .opts = catchr_opts(drop_empty_conds=TRUE))

# If the option `bare_if_possible` == TRUE, then even
#   functions that don't use `collect` will return the value
#   of the expression as a "value" sublist
catch_expr("DONE", fake_cond = muffle, .opts = catchr_opts(bare_if_possible=FALSE))

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