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Pass in catchr-specific options


catchr offers a number of options for planning condition handling, and the catchr_opts function provides a way of passing those options to whatever function is handling the planning. If any argument is left unspecified it defaults to the global defaults (accessible via catchr_default_opts(), base::options(), or base::getOption()).


  default_plan = NULL,
  warn_about_terms = NULL,
  bare_if_possible = NULL,
  drop_empty_conds = NULL



The default plan for unnamed input arguments. See get_default_plan() for more details.


A logical; if FALSE, will not warn about masking special terms


A logical; if TRUE, and no conditions are collected, will return the result of the evaluated expression as-is, without encompassing named list.


A logical; if TRUE, the sublists for conditions that used collect but didn't collect anything will be dropped from the list. Otherwise, they will appear as empty sublists.

Catchr options

catchr's options are specified below. The names of the global default option are preceded by "catchr." so they don't collide with other packages' options (i.e., drop_empty_conds can be accessed via getOption("catchr.drop_empty_conds"):

See Also

The default catchr options, set_default_plan(), get_default_plan()

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