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Documentation for package ‘caschrono’ version 2.4

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caschrono-package Series Temporelles Avec R
acf2y Plots of the ACF and PACF of a time series
armaselect Minic method
Box.test.2 Portemanteau tests
caschrono Series Temporelles Avec R
champa.ts Monthly shipments of bottles of champagne for the period 2001-2010
cor.arma Correlation matrix of the parameters for an Arima model
csdl French stock and returns
essil Essilor stock for the period 2006-2009
indbourse Stock price indices for the period 2006-2010
khct Monthly electricity comsumption for the period 1970-1984
lait Milk collection in France
m30 Fatalities in car accidents in France for the period 1973-2006
plot2acf ACF plots of two series
plotacfthemp Plots the ACF and PACF of a theoretical ARMA model and the empirical ACF and PACF of an observed series
popfr French population for the period 1846-1951
Tel_extrait Telephone consumption in a firm
trafmensu Monthly Air traffic at Toulouse Blagnac Airport for the period 1993-2007
t_stat Arima coefficients tests
xy.acfb Representation of a time series and its ACF and PACF