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Set the options of cartogramR in the correct format


Set the options of cartogramR in the correct format


  method = c("gsm", "gn", "dcn", "GastnerSeguyMore", "GastnerNewman",



a named list with some (or all) the following components:

  • maxit: (all method) the maximum number of iterations, default to 50.

  • absrel: (all method) boolean, if TRUE relative convergence if FALSE absolute convergence (default to TRUE)

  • abserror: (all method) Areas on cartogram differ at most by an (absolute value of) error of abserror. That is, max_polygons |area_on_cartogram - target_area| <= abserror (default to 10000)

  • abstol: ("dcn") the absolute convergence error tolerance: max_polygons |area(i) - area(i-1)| default to 1000

  • relerror: (all method) Areas on cartogram differ at most by an (absolute value of) relative error of relerror. That is, max_polygons |area_on_cartogram / target_area - 1| <= relerror (default to 0.01)

  • reltol: ("dcn") the absolute convergence tolerance: max_polygons abs((area(i) - area(i-1))/area(i-1) default to 1e-3

  • L: (⁠"gsm" or "gn"⁠) integer, gives the value of L (default is 512), must be a power of two (for fftw)

  • mp: (all method) if a region contains exactly zero population, it will be replaced by mp times the smallest (strictly) positive population in any region (default to 0.2)

  • pf: (⁠"gsm" or "gn"⁠) Determines space between map and boundary (default to 1.5)

  • sigma: (⁠"gsm" or "gn"⁠) Width of Gaussian blur to smoothen the density (default to 5)

  • center: (⁠"gsm" or "gn"⁠) either a character string (only possible choices are "centroid" or "point_on_surface") or a function. If the object is a function, it will be used to calculate the "center" of polygons; "point_on_surface" will use the function sf::st_point_on_surface while "centroid" (the default) will use sf::st_centroid.

  • verbose: (all method) integer giving the verbosity level (default to 0, not verbose)

  • grid: (⁠"gsm" or "gn"⁠) boolean, if TRUE export the final grid from flow algorithm (default to TRUE). Setting to FALSE

  • check.ring.dir: (all method) boolean, if TRUE controls polygons orientation (default to TRUE)

  • check.only: (all method) boolean, if TRUE control only polygons orientation and no replacement is done (default to FALSE)


the method to be used, can be one of the following: gsm or GastnerSeguyMore (default), gn or GastnerNewman, dcn or DougenikChrismanNiemeyer.


a list to be processed by cartogramR



  carto1 <- cartogramR(usa, "electors64", options=list(verbose=1, L=256))

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