StrPBR.ui {carat}R Documentation

Command-line User Interface Using Stratified Permuted Block Randomization with Two-Arms Case


A call to the user-iterface function used to allocate patients to one of two treatments using stratified permuted block randomization proposed by Zelen M (1974) <doi: 10.1016/0021-9681(74)90015-0>.


StrPBR.ui(path, folder = "StrPBR")



the path in which a folder used to storage variables will be created.


name of the folder. If default, a folder named "StrPBR" will be created.


See StrPBR.


It returns an object of class "carseq".

The function print is used to obtain results. The generic accessor functions assignment, covariate, cov_num, cov_profile and others extract various useful features of the value returned by StrPBR.ui.


This function provides a command-line interface and users should follow the prompts to enter data including covariates as well as levels for each covariate, block size bsize and the covariate profile of the new patient.


Zelen M. The randomization and stratification of patients to clinical trials[J]. Journal of chronic diseases, 1974, 27(7): 365-375.

See Also

See StrPBR for allocating patients with complete covariate data; See StrPBR.sim for allocating patients with covariate data generating mechanism.

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