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Captioner function


Creates a function to create numbered captions for figures, tables or other objects


captioner(prefix = "Figure", auto_space = TRUE, levels = 1, type = NULL,
  infix = ".")



Character string containing text to go before object number. The default is Figure.


Logical indicating whether or not a space should automatically be added following the prefix. Space is added by default.


Logical or number indicating whether or not you want hierarchical numbering, and if so, how many levels. Hierarchical numbering is turned off by default.


Vector with same length as levels indicating whether figure numbering should be numeric (n), lowercase character (c), or uppercase character (C). If unspecified, captioner will revert to all numeric values.


Character string containing text to go between figure numbers if hierarchical numbering is on. Default is .


Captioner generates a function with the following parameters

name: Character string containing a unique object name

caption: The object caption

display: Character string (or logical) indicating what display mode you would like:

level: Optional numeric used to bump up the numbering if you have hierarchical numbering. See also bump.

cite: Deprecated. Please use display.

num: Deprecated. Please use display.

And returns a character string containing the prefix and object number with or without a caption. The initial numbering is determined based on the order of caption creation. However, this order is modified based on the citations you use. The first figure to be cited will be moved to the beginning of the list, becoming Figure 1.


A captioner function.


fig_nums <- captioner()
fig_nums("flower_plot", "This plot shows the distribution of flower colors")
fig_nums("flower_plot", display = "cite")

tables <- captioner(prefix = "Table", levels = 2)
tables("a", "Table of world populations sorted from greatest to least.")

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