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Gene Expression Dataset - Cervical Cancer (sample annotation)


This example dataset is taken from the below referenced study. That study was aimed at identification of gene expression profiles in cervical cancer and the role of specific genes in cervical carcinogenesis.

This dataset was prepared for visualization by retrieving the sample characteristics from the original data file header. This was followed by reshaping and removal of special characters from the column headers. The data was further refined through dividing combined data and cleaning to create consistent values across samples before subsetting to extract the sample annotations of interest and binning the Age.




A dataframe containing prepared sample annotation data


Scotto L, Narayan G, Nandula SV, Arias-Pulido H et al. Identification of copy number gain and overexpressed genes on chromosome arm 20q by an integrative genomic approach in cervical cancer: potential role in progression. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2008 Sep; 47(9):755-65. PMID: 18506748

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