GSE9750_gene_details {}R Documentation

Gene Expression Dataset - Cervical Cancer (gene details)


This example dataset is the gene information for genes present in the GSE9750 study referenced below. The data was retrieved from the GEOquery package referenced below.

This dataset was prepared for visualization by renaming the columns and subsetting to only the information necessary for visualization. The Symbol and Description fields were also cleaned and prepared.




A dataframe containing gene metadata for the GSE9750 study


Davis, S. and Meltzer, P. S. GEOquery: a bridge between the Gene Expression Omnibus (GEO) and BioConductor. Bioinformatics, 2007, 14, 1846-1847

Scotto L, Narayan G, Nandula SV, Arias-Pulido H et al. Identification of copy number gain and overexpressed genes on chromosome arm 20q by an integrative genomic approach in cervical cancer: potential role in progression. Genes Chromosomes Cancer 2008 Sep; 47(9):755-65. PMID: 18506748

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