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Quantile Distributions for One Dataset


Make a plot showing quantile distributions for up- and down-regulated proteins.


  qdist(pdat, vars = c("ZC", "nH2O"), show.steps = FALSE)



list, output of a pdat_ function for a single dataset


character, which variables to plot


logical, show the steps using plot.ecdf?


This function makes a quantile distribution plot with lines for both up- and down-regulated proteins. The variable (var) can be ZC, H2O, or both (two plots are made for the latter). The horizontal axis is the variable and the vertical axis is the quantile point. A solid black line is drawn for the down-regulated proteins, and a dashed red line for the up-regulated proteins. The median difference is shown by a gray horizontal line drawn between the distributions at the 0.5 quantile point.


Jimenez, C. R. and Knol, J. C. and Meijer, G. A. and Fijneman, R. J. A. (2010) Proteomics of colorectal cancer: Overview of discovery studies and identification of commonly identified cancer-associated proteins and candidate CRC serum markers. J. Proteomics 73, 1873–1895. doi: 10.1016/j.jprot.2010.06.004

See Also

diffplot to plot median differences for multiple datasets.


# Plot the data of Jimenez et al., 2020 for colorectal cancer
pdat <- pdat_colorectal("JKMF10")

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