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Query the CensusMapper API for available vectors for a given dataset.


Query the CensusMapper API for available vectors for a given dataset.


list_census_vectors(dataset, use_cache = TRUE, quiet = TRUE)



The dataset to query for available vectors, e.g. "CA16".


If set to TRUE (the default), data will be read from a local cache that is maintained for the duration of the R session, if available. If set to FALSE, query the API for the data, and refresh the local cache with the result.


When FALSE, shows messages and warnings. Set to TRUE by default.


Returns a data frame detailing the available Census vectors (i.e. variables) for a given Census dataset. This data frame has columns vector containing the short code for the variable, type describing whether it's a female, male, or total aggregate, label indicating the name of the variable, units indicating whether the value represents a numeric integer, percentage, dollar figure, or ratio, parent_vector to show hierarchical relationship, aggregation indicating whether the value is additive or a transformation, and a column details with a detailed description of the variable generated by traversing all labels within its hierarchical structure.


## Not run: 
# List all vectors for a given Census dataset in CensusMapper

## End(Not run)

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