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Old and rubbish algorithm to rearrange bootstrap axes by comparing to sample axes


rearrange_old compares one set of axes for row points and column points (from the bootstrap data matrix) to another (from the sample data matrix) by looking at all possible reorderings and reflections (only) of the bootstrap axes and picking the one which best matches the sample axes.


rearrange_old(RS, RB, CS, CB, r)



Sample axes for row points (as columns)


Bootstrap axes for row points (as columns)


Sample axes for column points (as columns)


Bootstrap axes for column points (as columns)


Rank of the bootstrap matrix


This is only intended for internal use by the cabootcrs function, and only for simple CA if for some reason the lpSolve package is unavailable.

It has not been used with MCA, and so will almost certainly not work properly in that case.

Finds the rearrangement of columns of RB and CB to maximise match = tr( abs(RS'*RB + CS'*CB) )

Goes through all possible orderings and so is painfully slow.


list containing:
T = matrix to rearrange xB so it is equivalent to xS, i.e. xS <- xB * T
numre = number of axes checked for rearranging = min(r,maxrearrange)
match = assign$objval from the Hungarian algorithm
same = flag for whether there was no reordering of axes (but may have been reflection)

See Also

cabootcrs-package, cabootcrs, rearrange


# Not intended for direct call by users

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