Mixed Computerized Adaptive Multistage Testing

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Documentation for package ‘caMST’ version 0.1.3

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caMST-package 'caMST' package
.onAttach Package Attach Hook Function
caMST 'caMST' package
caMSTStartup Create Package Startup Message
CAT-class An S4 class for computerized adaptive tests
cat_items Example items for the CAT stage of an example adaptive test.
computerized_adaptive_test Computerized Adaptive Test
example_module_items Example "item-to-module" map matrix, showcasing how the items and modules are related.
example_responses Responses to all of the example items by the five individuals represented in the "example_thetas" data.
example_thetas Theta values used in the examples.
example_transition_matrix Example transition matrix showing how individuals traverse the multistage test.
MAT-class An S4 method for mixed adaptive tests.
mixed_adaptive_test Mixed Computerized Adaptive Multistage Test
MST-class An S4 method for multistage adaptive tests.
mst_items Example items for the MST stages of an example adaptive test.
mst_only_items The matrix of items used in the "multistage_test" example.
mst_only_matrix Example "item-to-module" map matrix for the "multistage_test" example.
multistage_test Computer Adaptive Multistage Test
transition_matrix_plot Transition Matrix Plot