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Weighted rank estimation


Conducts weighted ranking on the basis of either the weighted Harrell-Davis quantile estimator or an adaption of the type 7 quantile estimator of the generic quantile function in the base package. Please provide a vector with raw values and an additional vector with the weight of each observation. In case the weight vector is NULL, a normal ranking is done. The vectors may not include NAs and the weights should be positive non-zero values.


weighted.rank(x, weights = NULL, n = 1000, type = "Type7")



A numerical vector


A numerical vector with weights; should have the same length as x


Granularity for approximation


Type of estimator, can either be "Harrell-Davis" using a beta function to approximate the weighted percentiles (Harrell & Davis, 1982) or "Type7" (default; Hyndman & Fan, 1996), an adaption of the generic quantile function in R, including weighting. All code based on the work of Akinshin (2020).


the weighted ranks


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