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Weighted Pearson Correlation (WPC) based on bivariate zero-inflated negative binomial (BZINB) model


weighted.pc calculates Pearson's correlation with less weights for pairs containing zero(s). The weights are determined by BZINB model.


weighted.pc(xvec, yvec, param = NULL, ...)


xvec, yvec

a pair of bzinb random vectors. nonnegative integer vectors. If not integers, they will be rounded to the nearest integers.


a vector of parameters ((a0, a1, a2, b1, b2, p1, p2, p3, p4)). See bzinb for details. If param is null, it will be estimated by bzinb().


optional arguments used passed to bzinb, when param is null.


weighted Pearson correlation (WPC) estimate


Hunyong Cho, Chuwen Liu, Jinyoung Park, and Di Wu


Cho, H., Preisser, J., Liu, C., and Wu, D. (In preparation), "A bivariate zero-inflated negative binomial model for identifying underlying dependence"


# generating a pair of random vectors
data1 <- rbzinb(n = 20, a0 = 1, a1 = 1, a2 = 1, 
                b1 = 1, b2 = 1, p1 = 0.5, p2 = 0.2, 
                p3 = 0.2, p4 = 0.1)

weighted.pc(xvec = data1[,1], yvec = data1[,2], 
            param = c(0.769, 0.041, 0.075, 3.225, 1.902, 0.5, 0.084, 1e-20, 0.416))
weighted.pc(xvec = data1[,1], yvec = data1[,2])

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