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Get real-time data from the city bike APIs in Norway


get_api_data gets real-time data on bike availability, stations, and system from the API for

Please read the API documentation for each City Bike API before using this function.

The real-time data is provided in the GBFS (General Bikeshare Feed Specification) format, which you can read more about on here.

The data is provided according to the Norwegian License for Open Government Data 2.0 NLOD 2.0.


get_api_data(client_id, data, city, return_df = FALSE)



A string. The string should represent a client identifier to access the API. The client identifier must be of the form "myname-myapp" or "mycompany-myservice", such that the city bike service knows who is accessing the API, and for what purpose(s). Please visit the website of the API service that you want to access to learn how to correctly specify the client_id.


A string. The data that you want to get from the API. The options are "availability", "stations", and "system".


A string. The city, or city bike service API, that you want to get data from. The options are "Oslo", "Bergen", or "Trondheim".


Either TRUE or FALSE. Instructs the function on whether to return only a tibble (if set to TRUE).


If return_df = FALSE, then the function returns a list that contains two elements: a data frame with the "main" data, and the datetime (POSIX) for the API request. If return_df = TRUE, then the function returns only a tibble.


## Not run: 

# Get data on bike "availability"
oslo_api_data <- get_api_data(client_id = "mycompany-myservice",
                              data      = "availability",
                              city      = "Oslo")

# Get data on bike "availability", but return a tibble
oslo_winter_bike <- get_api_data(client_id = "myname-myapp",
                                 data      = "availability",
                                 city      = "Oslo",
                                 return_df = TRUE)

## End(Not run)

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