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Page Rank Method to Calculate Individual Best-Worst Scores


Calculate best-worst scores for each respondent-item combination. This uses the page rank method. It works virtually the same as the walkscoring method; the only difference is that there is a parameter for randomly "teleporting" to a random node. This can help prevent random walks from getting "stuck" in certain areas. Page rank scores using are calculated and synthesized in the same way as the method used in walkscoring(). See White (2019).


prscoring(data, id, block, item, choice, ..., wide = FALSE)



A data.frame of the type described in details.


A string of the name of the id column.


A string of the name of the block column.


A string of the name of the item column.


A string of the name of the choice column.


Additional arguments to igraph::page_rank()


Logical of whether or not one wants the data returned in long (each row is an item-respondent combination and all best-worst scores are in the same column) format (FALSE) or in wide format (where each row is a respondent, and the best-worst scores for the items are in their own columns). See the 'indiv' data as an example.


This function requires data to be in a specified format. Each row must represent a respondent-block-label combination. That is, it indicates the person, the block (or trial), the item that was judged, and a column indicating whether it was chosen as best (+1), worst (-1), or wasn't selected as either (0).


A data.frame containing the id and item columns as well as a "walk" column that indicates the best worst score. If 'wide = TRUE', then each item has its own column and the walkscore is filled-in those columns.


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## Not run: 
prscoring(indiv, "id", "block", "label", "value")

## End(Not run)

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