period_boundaries {busdater}R Documentation

Get date's business period boundary (deprecated).


The period_boundaries is a deprecated function. It will shift the input date vector by a number of months and years i.e. date + offset_period * offset_type. It will handle the typical business date arithmetic.


period_boundaries(date = Sys.Date(), offset_period = 0,
  offset_type = "year", bus_period = "FY", boundary = "1st day",
  optFYstart = getOption("busdaterFYstart", default = "07-01"))



A date vector for which financial year is required. Date must be POSIXct or POSIXlt or Date objects.


A positive or negative number coercible to integer to shift the year by, e.g. in the case of FY, -1 for previous year, 1 for next year. More generally in page_boundaries function it is a number of periods of a specified period type


It is either "month" or "year"


It is either "FY" for financial year, "CE" for calendar year or "M" for month


Either "1st day" for the first day of the period or "last day" for the end of the period.


A string in the format of "MM-DD" representing the start of financial year, e.g. "01-01" for 1st of January or "07-01" for 1st of July. This package caters for financial years that have a fixed start date. It does not cater for moving dates e.g. last Friday of September.


A vector of dates.

See Also

Other business date functions: FY, get_boundary, get_fy


# the 1st day of the current financial year

# the last day of the current financial year
period_boundaries(boundary = "last day")

# the last day of the last calendar year
period_boundaries(offset_period = -1, bus_period = "CY", boundary = "last day")

# the last day of month 14 months from now
period_boundaries(offset_period = 14, offset_type = "month",
                  bus_period = "M", boundary = "last day")

# The first day of financial years for dates 3 months before the given dates
period_boundaries(as.Date(c("02/27/1992", "09/28/2022"), "%m/%d/%Y"),
                  offset_period = -3, offset_type = "month",
                  bus_period = "FY", boundary = "1st day")

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