get_boundary {busdater}R Documentation

Get date's business period boundary.


The get_boundary will shift the input date vector by a number of months and years i.e. date + offset_period * offset_type. It will handle the typical business date arithmetic.


get_boundary(date = Sys.Date(), offset_period = 0,
  offset_type = "year", bus_period = "FY", boundary = "1st day",
  opt_fy_start = getOption("busdaterFYstart", default = "07-01"))



A date vector for which financial year is required. Date must be POSIXct or POSIXlt or Date objects.


A positive or negative number coercible to integer to shift the year by, e.g. in the case of get_fy, -1 for previous year, 1 for next year. More generally in page_boundaries function it is a number of periods of a specified period type


It is either "month" or "year"


It is either "get_fy" for financial year, "CE" for calendar year or "M" for month


Either "1st day" for the first day of the period or "last day" for the end of the period.


A string in the format of "MM-DD" representing the start of financial year, e.g. "01-01" for 1st of January or "07-01" for 1st of July. This package caters for financial years that have a fixed start date. It does not cater for moving dates e.g. last Friday of September.


A vector of dates.

See Also

Other business date functions: FY, get_fy, period_boundaries


# the 1st day of the current financial year

# the last day of the current financial year
get_boundary(boundary = "last day")

# the last day of the last calendar year
get_boundary(offset_period = -1, bus_period = "CY", boundary = "last day")

# the last day of month 14 months from now
get_boundary(offset_period = 14, offset_type = "month",
                  bus_period = "M", boundary = "last day")

# The first day of financial years for dates 3 months before the given dates
get_boundary(as.Date(c("02/27/1992", "09/28/2022"), "%m/%d/%Y"),
                  offset_period = -3, offset_type = "month",
                  bus_period = "FY", boundary = "1st day")

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