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Import data from multiple sheets in Google Sheets


The read_gsheets() function imports data from multiple sheets in a Google Sheets spreadsheet and appends the resulting dataframes from each sheet together to create a single dataframe. This function is a powerful tool for data analysis, as it allows you to easily combine data from multiple sheets into a single dataset.


read_gsheets(ss, col_types = NULL, .id = NULL)



Something that identifies a Google Sheet:

  • its file id as a string or drive_id

  • a URL from which we can recover the id

  • a one-row dribble, which is how googledrive represents Drive files

  • an instance of googlesheets4_spreadsheet, which is what gs4_get() returns

Processed through as_sheets_id().


Column types. Either NULL to guess all from the spreadsheet or a string of readr-style shortcodes, with one character or code per column. If exactly one col_type is specified, it is recycled. See Column Specification for more.


The name of an optional identifier column. Provide a string to create an output column that identifies each input. The column will use names if available, otherwise it will use positions.


A tibble. If there is any column type mismatch during data frames row binding, an error will occur. This is because R cannot combine columns of different types. For example, you cannot combine a column of integers with a column of characters.

See Also

read_sheet() which reads a Google (spread)Sheet into a data frame.


sheet_id <- "1izO0mHu3L9AMySQUXGDn9GPs1n-VwGFSEoAKGhqVQh0"

read_gsheets(ss = sheet_id, .id = "")

# Column types mismatch error --------------------------------------
# If the `read_gsheets()` function complains about a data type mismatch,
# then set the `col_types` argument to `"c"`.
# This will make all the column types in the resulting dataframe be characters.

# For example,

sheet_id <- "1rrjKAV05POre9lDVtHtZePTa8VROf1onVO47cHnhrTU"

try(read_gsheets(ss = sheet_id)) # error, column types mismatch

read_gsheets(ss = sheet_id, col_types = "c")

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