read_excel_files_from_dir {bulkreadr}R Documentation

Read Excel Workbooks data from a directory


read_excel_files_from_dir() reads all Excel workbooks in the "~/data" directory and returns an appended dataframe.


read_excel_files_from_dir(dir_path, col_types = NULL, .id = NULL)



Path to the directory containing the xls/xlsx files.


Either NULL to guess all from the spreadsheet or a character vector containing one entry per column from these options: "skip", "guess", "logical", "numeric", "date", "text" or "list". If exactly one col_type is specified, it will be recycled. The content of a cell in a skipped column is never read and that column will not appear in the data frame output. A list cell loads a column as a list of length 1 vectors, which are typed using the type guessing logic from col_types = NULL, but on a cell-by-cell basis.


The name of an optional identifier column. Provide a string to create an output column that identifies each input. The column will use names if available, otherwise it will use positions.


A tibble. If there is any column type mismatch during data frames row binding, an error will occur. This is because R cannot combine columns of different types. For example, you cannot combine a column of integers with a column of characters.

See Also

read_excel_workbook() which imports data from multiple sheets of an Excel workbook


directory <- system.file("xlsxfolder",  package = "bulkreadr")

read_excel_files_from_dir(dir_path = directory, .id = "cut")

# Column types mismatch error --------------------------------------
# If the `read_excel_files_from_dir()` function complains about a data type mismatch,
# then set the `col_types` argument to `"text"`.
# This will make all the column types in the resulting dataframe be characters.

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