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Nightingale Health Metabolomics Plot Template Format


Template datasets containing grouping and labeling variables to information to plot 225 or 249 variable Nightingale Health metabolomics data.





Data frame with 228/249 rows and 5 variables


trait identifier as used in China Kadoorie Biobank, can be used to merge template with results data


trait description to assist with merging results


row label for trait in plot matrix


column label for trait in plot matrix


this variable splits the traits into 10 plot matrices that make up the overall figure

An object of class data.frame with 249 rows and 6 columns.


Nightingale Health is a Finnish company which has developed a fully automated platform for deriving over 200 quantitative metabolomics measures from a single blood serum sample using NMR technology, at a comparable cost to standard lipid clinical chemistry. These measures include concentration and composition of 14 lipoprotein subclasses, apolipoproteins, fatty acids, amino acids and glycolysis related metabolites. Over 1M samples have already been processed, including biobank participants, population cohorts and clinical studies, with capacity to process an additional 250K samples per year. Over 100K profiles of UK Biobank participants have recently been released, with data on the remaining individuals to follow. The wide availability of standardised Nightingale datasets in global cohorts facilitates collaborative research and is contributing to the identification of new biomarkers across a range of diseases.

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