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Bayesian inference on the ratio of two Poisson rates


Implementation of the Bayesian inference for the rate ratio of two independent Poisson samples, using the semi-conjugate family of prior distributions, and a default non-informative prior.

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Package: brr
Type: Package
Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2015-09-07
License: GPL-2


St├ęphane Laurent


S. Laurent, C. Legrand (2012): A Bayesian framework for the ratio of two Poisson rates in the context of vaccine efficacy trials. ESAIM, Probability \& Statistics 16 (2012), 375–398.

S. Laurent (2012): Some Poisson mixtures distributions with a hyperscale parameter. Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics 26 (2012), 265–278.

S. Laurent (2012): Intrinsic Bayesian inference on a Poisson rate and on the ratio of two Poisson rates. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 142 (2012), 2656–2671.

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