get_refmodel.brmsfit {brms}R Documentation

Get Reference Models


Get reference model structure from brmsfit objects for use in varsel and related variable selection methods. This method is called automatically when performing variable selection via varsel.brmsfit and so you will rarely need to call it manually yourself.


## S3 method for class 'brmsfit'
get_refmodel(object, newdata = NULL, resp = NULL, folds = NULL, ...)



An object of class brmsfit.


An optional data.frame for which to evaluate predictions. If NULL (default), the original data of the model is used. NA values within factors are interpreted as if all dummy variables of this factor are zero. This allows, for instance, to make predictions of the grand mean when using sum coding.


Optional names of response variables. If specified, predictions are performed only for the specified response variables.


Only used for k-fold variable selection. A vector of fold indices for each data point in data.


Further arguments currently ignored.


A refmodel object to be used in varsel and related variable selection methods.

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