matrixplot {brinton}R Documentation

Displays a matrix of a particular graphic for bivariate data in a html file.


A matrixplot is a grid of a particular graphic showing bivariate relationships between all pairs of variables of a certain(s) type(s) in a multivariate data set.


matrixplot(data, dataclass = NULL, diagram = NULL, dir = tempdir())



Data.frame. Default dataset to use for plot. Unquoted. If not already a data.frame, it should be first coerced to by


Character vector. The types of data to be considered among the following:

  • 'logical'

  • 'ordered'

  • 'factor'

  • 'numeric'

  • 'datetime'

  • 'character'


Character. A specific graphic to be presented within the ones considered in the 2 input variables specimen available at


Directory in which the files are stored.


Cause the side-effect of creating and displaying a temporary html file that includes a grid of graphics. The variables of a dataset are first grouped by the type of data, then, the variables matching the classes specified in the dataclass parameter, are represented in each row and/or column of the matrix.


if (interactive()) {
matrixplot(iris, dataclass = c("numeric","numeric"),
diagram="bw contour plot with data points")

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