Emulate LEGO Bricks in 2D and 3D

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Documentation for package ‘brickr’ version 0.3.5

Help Pages

brickr 'brickr' package
bricks_from_coords Create a 3D model object from a long coordinate data frame
bricks_from_excel Convert an Excel 'brickr' template into a 3D object
bricks_from_mosaic Convert a 2D LEGO mosaic into a 'brickr' 3D object
bricks_from_table Convert a table into a 'brickr' 3D object
build_bricks Build 3D brick model with 'rgl'
build_colors Display available brick colors
build_instructions Create instruction manual for a 2D mosaic or 3D model
build_mosaic Display 2D LEGO mosaic as a plot image
build_pieces Display bricks required to build model or mosaic
build_pieces_table Generate required bricks as a data frame
GeomBrick GeomBrick
image_to_mosaic Create a 2D LEGO mosaic from an image array
lego_colors Brickr colors available for mosaics & 3D models