SICM pipette tip geometry estimation

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Documentation for package ‘breakage’ version 1.1-1

Help Pages

breakage-package Estimating SICM pipette tip geometry from breakage data
apply.breaks Apply a function to regions of a signal
break.clust Manually select point clusters from breakage data Sample recording of SICM pipette breakage
breakage Estimating SICM pipette tip geometry from breakage data
breakage.plot Plot a pipette breakage current or resistance relationship
err.breakage Error function for estimated tip geometry
find.bottom Identify the bottom points in a hopping-mode position trace
fit.breakage Fit a tip geometry model to breakage resistance data
fit.sensitivity.plot Visualise fit sensitivity for a breakage-resistance model
resist.access Calculate access resistance for a pipette tip
resist.breakage Calculate resistance of a pipette tip after breakage
resist.cone Calculate resistance of a truncated conical conductor Calculate overall pipette tip resistance