bwr_mentions_get {brandwatchR}R Documentation

Get a list of mentions for the specified query and project


Returns a data frame containing any results found for the specified query ID.


bwr_mentions_get(project_id = NULL, query_id = NULL,
  date_range = c(Sys.Date() - 31, Sys.Date() - 1), order_by = NULL,
  order_direction = NULL, filters = NULL, page = NULL,
  token = Sys.getenv("BW_TOKEN"))



Numeric. The project id in which the specified query is contained. Obtain a list of project IDs using bwr_get_projects().


Numeric The id of the query you'd like to run. Obtain a list of queries for any specified project using bwr_get_queries().


A character vector containing 2 date values in YYYY-mm-dd format. The first value is the beginning of your desired date range and the second value is the end of the date range.


String. (Optional) The name of the metric you'd like to order your results by.


String. Either 'asc' or 'desc', to specify ascending or descending order.


(Optional) A list of key-value pairs to filter the mentions query by. Use the bwr_filters_get() function to find out all available filters.


Numeric, optional. The page number for which to return results. This is needed only when R needs to iterate through multiple pages of results from the Brandwatch API. It is recommended that you keep this value set as zero.


The authentication token, acquired using bwr_auth(). This token will be automatically obtained from the user's environment variable 'BW_TOKEN' and does not need to be provided.


Returns a data frame containing all results

See Also

bwr_auth to authenticate, bwr_projects_get for a list of project IDs, bwr_query_get for all queries available in the specified project. bwr_filters_get to get a list of available filters for the filters argument.


## Not run: my_project <- bwr_projects_get()$id[1]
my_query <- bwr_query_get(project_id = my_project)$id[1]
my_mentions <- bwr_mentions_get(project_id = my_project,
                                query_id = my_query,
                                filters = list(gender = 'female', sentiment = 'neutral'),
                                order_by = 'sentiment', order_direction = 'asc',
                                date_range = c('2018-01-01', '2018-02-01'))
## End(Not run)

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