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Bash-style brace expansion


expand_braces performs brace expansions on strings, str_expand_braces is an alternate function that returns a list of character vectors. Made popular by Unix shells, brace expansion allows users to concisely generate certain character vectors by taking a single string and (recursively) expanding the comma-separated lists and double-period-separated integer and character sequences enclosed within braces in that string. The double-period-separated numeric integer expansion also supports padding the resulting numbers with zeros.


expand_braces(string, engine = getOption("bracer.engine", NULL))

str_expand_braces(string, engine = getOption("bracer.engine", NULL))



input character vector


If 'r' use a pure R parser. If 'v8' use the 'braces' Javascript parser via the suggested V8 package. If NULL use 'v8' if 'V8' package detected else use 'r'; in either case send a message() about the choice unless getOption(bracer.engine.inform') is FALSE.


expand_braces returns a character vector while str_expand_braces returns a list of character vectors.


  expand_braces("Foo{A..F}", engine = "r")
  expand_braces("Foo{01..10}", engine = "r")
  expand_braces("Foo{A..E..2}{1..5..2}", engine = "r")
  expand_braces("Foo{-01..1}", engine = "r")
  expand_braces("Foo{{d..d},{bar,biz}}.{py,bash}", engine = "r")
  expand_braces(c("Foo{A..F}", "Bar.{py,bash}", "{{Biz}}"), engine = "r")
  str_expand_braces(c("Foo{A..F}", "Bar.{py,bash}", "{{Biz}}"), engine = "r")

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