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Fitting Bayesian Poisson Regression


Posterior sampling and inference for Bayesian Poisson regression models. The model specification makes use of Gaussian (or conditionally Gaussian) prior distributions on the regression coefficients. Details on the algorithm are found in D'Angelo and Canale (2022) <doi:10.1080/10618600.2022.2123337>.

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bpr-package             Fitting Bayesian Poisson Regression
mcmc_diagnostics        MCMC Convergence Diagnostics
merge_sim               Merge Multiple Chains
plot.poisreg            Plot Trace and Distribution of Regression
plot.posterior_check    Graphical Posterior Predictive Checks
posterior_predictive    Compute Posterior Predictive Distribution
sample_bpr              Fitting Bayesian Poisson Regression
summary.poisreg         Summarizing Bayesian Poisson Regression Fit


Laura D'Angelo <laura.dangelo@live.com>


Laura D'Angelo

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