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Acceptance Region - ANSI/AAMI-SP10 standard.


Acceptance Region for a given sample size to comply with ANSI/AAMI-SP10 standard.


    AcceptR(n,distribution = "normal",criteria = "SP10:2006")



Sample size .


Underlying distribution the errors \delta are pulled from. The default is normal, i.e. a normal distribution.


SP10 criteria used.


Computes the revised probability of tolerable error i.e. the minimum probability of errors \delta within tolerable error for a given sample size-n. The tolerable error, according to the ANSI/AAMI-SP10, is an error between -10 mmHg to 10 mmHg on a single person, using average of that person's readings. The revised probability of tolerable error varies for different sample sizes. Thus to meet the SP10 criteria, an acceptance region based on the sample size is provided by the package.

\int_{-\infty}^{\delta} f_N(x;\mu_0,\sigma)-\int_{-\infty}^{-\delta} f_N(x;\mu_0,\sigma) \; dx = \hat{p}

Complete details in Chandel, et al. (2023). The paper outlines he mathematical and statistical aspects behind AcceptR.


It returns the acceptance region for a sample size i.e the upper limit of sd for a sample mean for a given n. This gives clinicians a flexible way to comprehend how the upper limit of the standard deviation -sd fluctuates depending on the sample size.


Tanvi Chandel, Tet-Chuan Lee, Andrew Lowe, Victor Miranda.


Chandel, T. and Lee, TC. and Lowe, A. and Miranda, V. (2023) Blood Pressure Device Accuracy Evaluation: Statistical Considerations with an Implementarion in R, Statistics in Medicine (under review).


## SP10-Acceptance Region for a sample size (n) = 85

AcceptR(n=85,distribution = "normal",criteria = "SP10:2006")

## SP10-Acceptance Region for a sample size (n) = 50 

AcceptR(n=50,distribution = "normal",criteria = "SP10:2006")

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