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Spirometry Data


Data consists of 9471 longitudinal evaluations of forced 1-second expiratory volume (FEV1-percentage of predicted) after lung transplant from 509 patients who underwent lung transplant (LTx) at the Cleveland Clinic. Twenty three patient/procedure variables were collected at the time of the transplant. The major objectives are to evaluate the temporal trend of FEV1 after LTx, and to identify factors associated with post-LTx FEV1 and assessing the differences in the trends after Single LTx versus Double LTx.


A list containing four elements:

  1. The 23 patient variables (features).

  2. Time points (time).

  3. Unique patient identifier (id).

  4. FEV1-outcomes (y).


Mason D.P., Rajeswaran J., Li L., Murthy S.C., Su J.W., Pettersson G.B., Blackstone E.H. Effect of changes in postoperative spirometry on survival after lung transplantation. J. Thorac. Cardiovasc. Surg., 144:197-203, 2012.


data(spirometry, package = "boostmtree")

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