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Taiwanese banks (in 2010)


The dataset consists of 31 banks operating in Taiwan.




banks is a dataframe with 31 banks (rows) and 6 variables (outputs) named Financial.funds (deposits and borrowed funds in millions of TWD), Labor (number of employees), (net amount of fixed assets in millions of TWD), (financial assets, securities, and equity investments in millions of TWD), Loans (loans and discounts in millions of TWD) and Revenue (interests from financial investments and loans).


The dataset has been extracted from the “Condition and Performance of Domestic Banks” published by the Central Bank of China (Taiwan) and the Taiwan Economic Journal (TEJ) for the year 2010. The “Condition and Performance of Domestic Banks” was downloaded from


Juo, J. C., Fu, T. T., Yu, M. M., & Lin, Y. H. (2015). Profit-oriented productivity change. Omega, 57, 176-187.

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