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Co-variation schemes


Functions that return an updated Bayesian network using the proportional, uniform and order-preserving co-variation schemes.


proportional_covar(bnfit, node, value_node, value_parents, new_value)

orderp_covar(bnfit, node, value_node, value_parents, new_value)

uniform_covar(bnfit, node, value_node, value_parents, new_value)



object of class


character string. Node of which the conditional probability distribution is being changed.


character string. Level of node.


character string. Levels of node's parents. The levels should be defined according to the order of the parents in bnfit[[node]][["parents"]]. If node has no parents, then it should be set to NULL.


numeric value between 0 and 1. Value to which the parameter should be updated.


The Bayesian network on which parameter variation is being conducted should be expressed as a object. The name of the node to be varied, its level and its parent's levels should be specified. The parameter variation specified by the function is:

P ( node = value_node | parents = value_parents ) = new_value

For orderp_covar, if two or more parameters in a distribution have the same value, the order is given by the one in the respective conditional probability table. Furthermore, the parameter associated to the largest probability of the conditional probability law cannot be varied.


An object of class with updated probabilities.


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proportional_covar(synthetic_bn, "y3", "2", c("2","1"), 0.3)
uniform_covar(synthetic_bn, "y2", "1", "2", 0.3)
orderp_covar(synthetic_bn, "y1", "1", NULL, 0.3)

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