Bayesian Network-Based Clustering of Multi-Omics Data

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Documentation for package ‘bnClustOmics’ version 1.1.1

Help Pages

adjustMixedDir Adjusting the PDAG matrix to model constraints This function can be used to adjust the adjacency matrix to model constraints, such as blacklist and background nodes
annotateEdges Annotating edges from discovered networks
blInit Initializing blacklist
blUpdate Updating blacklist
bnclustNetworks Deriving consensus networks based on posterior probabilities of mixture model
bnclustOmics Bayesian network based clustering of multi-omics data
bnInfo Constructing object of class bnInfo
bnres2 bnres2
bnres3 bnres3
bnres4 bnres3
checkmembership Comparing estimated and ground truth membership
chooseK Choosing the number of clusters
clustDBN DBN-based clustering
clusters Extracting cluster memberships
dags Extracting edge posterior probabilities
getModels Deriving consensus graphs
mappings mappings
penInit Initializing penalization matrix
penUpdateInter Updating penalization matrix (between two omics types)
penUpdateIntra Updating penalization matrix (intra one omics type)
plotNode Plotting all connections of one node
posteriors Extracting edge posterior probabilities
relabelSimulation Relabeling clusters
simclusters simclusters
simdags simdags
simdata simdata
simint simint
stringint stringint
toydata toydata