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Galaxy data


This dataset considers of 82 observatons of the velocities (in 1000 km/second) of distant galaxies diverging from our own, from six well-separated conic sections of the Corona Borealis. The dataset has been analyzed under a variety of mixture models; See e.g. Stephens (2000).


 data( galaxy ) 


A data frame with 82 observations on the following variable.


a numeric vector giving the speed of galaxies (in 1000 km/second).


Stephens, M. (2000) Bayesian analysis of mixture models with an unknown number of components-an alternative to reversible jump methods. Annals of statistics, 28(1):40-74, doi: 10.1214/aos/1016120364


data( galaxy )
hist( galaxy, prob = TRUE, xlim = c( 0, 40 ), ylim = c( 0, 0.3 ), nclass = 20, 
      col = "gray", border = "white" )

lines( density( galaxy ), col = "black", lwd = 2 ) 

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