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Class "bmerMod" of Fitted Mixed-Effect Models


The bmerMod class represents linear or generalized linear or nonlinear mixed-effects models with possible priors over model components. It inherits from the merMod class.

Objects from the Class

Objects are created by calls to blmer or bglmer.


A bmerMod object contains one additional slot beyond the base merMod class:


A named list comprised of covPriors, fixefPrior, and residPrior.

In addition, the devcomp slot, element cmp includes the penalty item which is the computed deviance for the priors. Add this to the regular deviance to obtain the value of the objective function that is used in optimization.

See Also

blmer and bglmer, which produce these objects.
merMod, from which this class inherits.


methods(class = "bmerMod")

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