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biplotbootGUI: Bootstrap on Classical Biplots and Clustering Disjoint Biplot


The biplotboot function is a graphical user interface to construct and interact with Classical Biplots and, combined with Bootstrap methods, provides confidence intervals based on percentiles and t-bootstrap to measure the accuracy of the estimators of the parameters given by them.





A data frame with the information to be analyzed


When the function is launched, firstly, it is necessary to select the number of resamples to be extracted, the conficende level to calculate the intervals presented in the results and the parameters whose inferential form want to be calculated. Then, an option window is displayed where you can change the color, the size, the label and/or the symbol of an element or of a set of elements; to select the kind of Biplot factorization to be applied, to select the transformation data, to change the window size containing the graphs and to tick the checkbox to show the axes in the graph. Press the Graph button and then choose the number of axes to be retained. When the graph will be shown, the function will allow you to change characteristics of the points with the mouse. Press the right mouse button and a window will be displayed to change the color, the size, the label and/or the symbol of the nearest point of position clicked. Press the left mouse button and a window will be displayed to select one option: Change the position label, Remove label or Do nothing. It is also possible to select the dimensions shown in the graph and to change the limits of the axes. In the window there are five menus with their corresponding submenus:

The File menu provides different options to save the graph and permits to exit the program. The second menu shows the graph in 3 dimensions. The third menu allows the user to project the individuals onto the direction representing one variable selected from a listbox. This menu permits to go back to original graph. The following menu permits to change the title and to show/hide the axes in the graph. The fifth menu allows the user to analyze the biplot coordinates with clustering techniques. The results in an inferential form have saved in a file and together with it graphs with histograms and QQ-plots generated with the bootstrap replications are saved.


A graph showing the data representation, an output file containing the contributions, qualities of representation, goodness of fit, coordinates and eigen values and another output file containing these results in an inferential form.


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