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Produce models evaluation bi-dimensional graph


This function is a graphic tool to represent evaluation scores of models produced with biomod2 according to 2 different evaluation methods. Models can be grouped in several ways (by algo, by CV run, ...) to highlight potential differences in models quality due to chosen models, cross validation sampling bias,... Each point represents the average evaluation score across each group. Lines represents standard deviation of evaluation scores of the group.


                      metrics = NULL, 
                      by = 'models', 
                      plot = TRUE, 
                      ... )



a "BIOMOD.models.out" ( returned by BIOMOD_Modeling ) or a "BIOMOD.EnsembleModeling.out" (returned by BIOMOD_EnsembleModeling)


character vector of 2 chosen metrics (e.g c("ROC", "TSS")); if not filled the two first evaluation methods computed at modeling stage will be selected.


character ('models'), the way evaluation scores are grouped. Should be one of 'models', 'algos', 'CV_run' or 'data_set' (see detail section)


logical (TRUE), does plot should be produced


additional graphical arguments (see details)


by argument description :

by arg refers to the way models scores will be combined to compute mean and sd. It should take the following values:

Additional arguments (...) :

Additional graphical parameters should be.


A ggplot2 plotting object is return. It means that user should then easily customize this plot (see example)


This function have been instigate by Elith*, J., H. Graham*, C., P. Anderson, R., Dudik, M., Ferrier, S., Guisan, A., J. Hijmans, R., Huettmann, F., R. Leathwick, J., Lehmann, A., Li, J., G. Lohmann, L., A. Loiselle, B., Manion, G., Moritz, C., Nakamura, M., Nakazawa, Y., McC. M. Overton, J., Townsend Peterson, A., J. Phillips, S., Richardson, K., Scachetti-Pereira, R., E. Schapire, R., Soberon, J., Williams, S., S. Wisz, M. and E. Zimmermann, N. (2006), Novel methods improve prediction of species distributions from occurrence data. Ecography, 29: 129-151. doi: 10.1111/j.2006.0906-7590.04596.x (fig 3)


Damien Georges

See Also

BIOMOD_Modeling, BIOMOD_EnsembleModeling


## this example is based on BIOMOD_Modeling function example

## we will need ggplot2 package to produce our custom version of the graphs

## plot evaluation models score graph

### by models
gg1 <- models_scores_graph( myBiomodModelOut,
                            by = 'models',
                            metrics = c('ROC','TSS') )
## we see a influence of model selected on models capabilities
## e.g. RF are much better than SRE

### by cross validation run
gg2 <- models_scores_graph( myBiomodModelOut,
                            by = 'cv_run',
                            metrics = c('ROC','TSS') )
## there is no difference in models quality if we focus on 
## cross validation sampling

### some graphical customisations
gg1_custom <- 
  gg1 + 
  ggtitle("Diff between RF and SRE evaluation scores") + ## add title
  scale_colour_manual(values=c("green", "blue")) ## change colors


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