BIOMOD_ConvertOldRun {biomod2}R Documentation

Convert objects and outputs from BIOMOD.xx into biomod2.xx objects and outputs


This function converts workspace, modelling outputs, results and objects created with version xx of BIOMOD into biomod2 objects and re-organized the directories to be used with biomod2


BIOMOD_ConvertOldRun(savedObj, path = NULL)



a BIOMOD.1.xx workspace image. It's a .Rdata file named 'Biomod_run.RData' for plurispecific run or Your_Species_Name.RData if you have done monospecific modelling


Optional path to your 'savedObj' if you don't have give the full path to the object


This function is useful to convert former BIOMOD runs into the new biomod2 object structure. This is mostly interesting in the case users want to relaunched some projections or analyses within the biomod2 new structure. Returned 'BIOMOD.models.out' objects can be then used as classic object for making projections for instance (BIOMOD_Projection).

Be aware that because biomod2 has strongly changed between the first and second version, some new additional functions and information could not be used with converted objects (i.e. Calibration Lines access, Maxent run, SRE projections...).


A list of 'BIOMOD.models.out' (one per species modeled) containing information of your old run. Specific directories are also created on your hard drive (see BIOMOD_Modeling)


Damien Georges

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